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What Parents are Saying

"First and foremost, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and friendship to Noah. I really appreciate all you and your entire staff have done for Noah’s confidence and understanding of the game. He has become a much more confident young man through your expertise and support."

- Noah, North Carolina

Why Choose US Golf Camps - Technology

US Golf Camps utilizes the most advanced technologies available:

  1. FlightScope
  2. V1 Digital Coaching System
  3. Cobra Ball Speed Monitor
  4. Course Pro Elite GPS
  5. ES12 — Portable Launch Monitor
  6. Club Fitting
  7. Demo Day


Flightscope is used by top golf instructors and tour players around the world. It provides quantitative data about player and equipment performance utilizing 27 measurements of ball and club head parameters. We use this system at camp to analyze swings, determine club distances, and for club-fitting.

V1 Digital Coaching System

V1 is the leading computer-based digital instructional system. We incorporate V1 technology with multiple iPads to video campers each day. Parents receive weekly emails that contain videos of their child's lessons! The V1 System is endorsed by the PGA of America and is utilized by top tour pros.

Cobra Ball Speed Monitor

The Cobra Ball Speed Monitor is the most advanced, precise and easy to use monitor available on the market today. It is the tool of choice for numerous top PGA TOUR professionals.

It calculates the exact distances the junior golfer hits each club (both carry and roll). In addition, it helps determine if the clubs being used "fit" the junior golfer.

Course Pro Elite GPS

This handheld GPS unit will provide accurate distances to the greens on hundreds of golf courses — including our private course at Kiski!

ES12 — Portable Launch Monitor

Campers will use the ES12 to measure ball speed and shot distance. This portable device can be used during practice rounds on campus so you will better understand exactly how far you hit the ball with each club in your bag.

Club Fitting

Club fitting for junior golfers is critical since kids grow each year. Our club fitting system allows campers to check if their golf clubs still "fit" them.

Demo Day

Junior Campers on Demo Day

Campers have the ability to test out the latest equipment from the top manufacturers during our "Demo Days".